[TORRENT] Comic (EN)



Yep, you heard right! =D I'm delivering on the threat and serve you the ENGLISH VERSION of the Kakyu X Noél yaoi doujinshi [TORRENT].


Why call it "doujinshi" when I'm the author of TEN anyway?

Well, [TORRENT] doesn't fully fit the timeline of TEN, so I'm kinda reluctant calling it a "spin-off" rather than a "doujinshi". It's more of a "what if"-szenario. ^^ (You can always decide if it fits somewhere in the timeline if you'd like though. *haha*)



So what is [TORRENT] about?


Kakyus most favourite pastime is teasing Noél in any which way possible. The best way to do that is feeding him unwanted information about sex.

Ah, what a delight listening to him getting red as a beet and all flustered!

However, one certain evening Kakyu goes too far and has to realize our big baby isn't as asexual as they thought. How should they deal with this "slip-up"?


WARNINGS: graphic content! 

Pages: 74

Details: Din A5, content b/w

Cover: full color, partial spot varnish (shiny shiny!)

Language: ENGLISH


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